Even as a little boy, I was enthralled with people building, buying and selling houses. It may have stemmed from my family building our own home and barns, working as best I could beside them to build the place we would live. Also several of our family friends were real estate agents and I always looked up to them and listened to their stories of deals and dreams. After school and military service, I came back to Florida and eventually donned the gold jacket of a Century 21 agent in 1986.

A lot has happened in Florida real estate since then, but my love and excitement for helping others reach their dreams and goals still remains.

I am a Lifelong Florida Resident, Salesperson, Negotiator, Real Estate Investor, Web Developer & Hosting Provider, Toastmaster/Public Speaker and a board member of the Sarasota Real Estate Investors Association.

I bring a very unique skill set to the table.I have over 30 years of experience in sales, negotiating, real estate investment, and internet marketing. I am an experienced creative deal-maker, and a motivated self starter that stays abreast of the latest trends and technologies to most effectively serve my customers. My years of experience in creative deal making and negotiation, plus my experience in home renovation help guide my customers to success in their real estate goals.

Give me a call, and we’ll start working on your goals together.